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Jósef Zachariassen (b. 1995) is a Faroese pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Growing up in a small Christian community in the Faroe Islands was both a blessing and a challenge for Jósef. His childhood Sundays were filled with hymnal music performed by skilled musicians, which deeply influenced his musical foundation. The church pianist, in particular, nurtured his love for music, sparking a lifelong passion that led him to pursue classical piano studies in 2015 and embark on a professional music career.


However, Jósef's conservative Christian upbringing also brought challenges, including physical punishment, taboos, and threats of hell. These traumas remained unprocessed until 2020, when he began to work through them, unlocking new musical potential within himself. This journey of self-discovery revealed his talents not just as a pianist but also as a singer, songwriter, and music producer.


For years, Jósef avoided the music most natural to him—hymnal, gospel, and pop—because of its association with his past. Instead, he delved into classical, jazz, electronic, and experimental music, searching for his musical identity. Over the past few years, however, he has reconciled with his upbringing and embraced the music that shaped him. This fusion of past and present has led to a unique, authentic, and raw musical expression.


In 2022, Jósef sought solace in a family cabin on the remote island of Fugloy in the Faroe Islands, seeking to escape the bustle of Oslo, Norway. This period of solitude allowed him to reflect on his musical identity and compose away from external distractions. The result of this introspective journey is his third album, "Fugloy," set to release after two years of careful refinement.


The first single from "Fugloy," titled "How Long," delves into the theme of childhood innocence and its inevitable loss with age. The song combines intimate vocals and a string quartet with experimental electronic elements, creating a melancholic yet tense atmosphere that mirrors the complexities of growing older.

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