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Summer is a song about Josef's ambivalent relationship to his home country, Faroe Islands. Although Josef loves his home country, thinking about moving back makes him uneasy. Living in a foreign country, Josef can easily romanticize Faroe Islands in a social context - telling tales about epic nature, old culture, and friendly people. Yet, when Josef is home, he finds it difficult to ignore the taboo, shame, abuse, and fanaticism taking place around him. Hence, the surrealistic lyrics:

"It's Summer, but people are cold. It's raining upwards. Fish are flying"

Josef's perception of his home country is undoubtedly influenced by his Christian childhood. Therefore, Josef expresses his critique towards dogmatic Christian environments.

"You'd be an idiot to say that the sun is dark. If a God says so it's wisdom.
In a city somewhere, people are eating each other. If the book says so, it’s sanctioned. When I look in their eyes, their eyes just twist,
And their ears start to flap, and they fly away"

In conclusion, Summer is a musical stream of consciousness consisting of bossa nova rhythms, 80's synthesizers, surrealistic lyrics and catchy melodies.