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“I almost shit my pants at a christian camp the summer I turned 9”

With these words, Josef kicks off his second album, Summer. In a way, these few but direct words hold the essence of the albums message: A humoristic critique towards conservative, dogmatic christian communities and a hope that people who struggle in such environments will find the strength to break free.


As a child, Josef grew up in a small, strict, and conservative christian environment. From an outside perspective, his childhood seemed idyllic. He attended Church, enrolled in a christian school, and spent each summer at a christian camp. But at age 25, Josef started getting flashbacks of violent episodes from his childhood. In summer 2020, Josef suffered a sudden mental health breakdown. Hence, the title Summer. He spent the following year healing traumatic memories and composing his latest album. Today, Josef realises that much of his childhood environment was filled with shame, fear, violence, mental abuse and taboo. In his new album Summer, Josef reflects on his childhood and healing process through a musical universe filled with 80’s synthesizers, experimental indie-pop music, intimate vocals, direct and surrealistic lyrics with lots of humor.