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“I almost shat my pants at a Christian camp the summer I turned 9”

With these words, Josef kicks off his second album, Summer. In a way, these few, but direct words hold the essence of the album’s message; A critique of dogmatic Christian communities, and a hope that people who struggle in such environments find the strength to break free.

Hailing from a lineage of preachers, Josef knows – for better and worse - the Faroese Christian environment very well. In Summer, Josef wishes to shed light on the taboos of Christian environments through his music and voice.

There is some truth and light in Christian communities, but with that light follows a dark shadow:

- Josef spent every summer at a Christian children’s camp socializing and making friends. However, he was taught he would burn in hell for eternity if he didn’t accept Jesus Christ immediately.

- As a child, Josef attended a good Christian school. However, he was fearful of teachers who would threaten disobedience with a beating.

- Josef grew up in a loving and supporting family. However, he was disciplined through physical punishment.

Because of this dualism, Josef had to learn to put on a mask resembling the best version of himself to fit in. In the summer of 2020, he couldn't keep his mask on anymore, and suffered a sudden mental health breakdown, hence the title, Summer. He spent the following year confronting and healing from his traumatic childhood memories, whilst simultaneously composing his latest album.

With Summer, Josef wishes to take a stand against the fear, shame, and mental abuse inflicted by dogmatic Christian communities. He does so by creating a musical universe filled with 80’s synthesizers, experimental indie-pop music, intimate vocals, direct and surrealistic lyrics, and lots of humor.

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