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“I almost shit my pants at a Christian camp the summer I turned 9”

With these words, Josef kicks off his first single from his latest album, Summer. In a way, these few but direct words hold the essence of the albums message: A humoristic critique towards conservative Christian communities and a hope that people who struggle in such environments will find the strength to break free.

Human is a reflection on Josef's Christian childhood environment. At school, Josef learnt that dinosaurs were invented by scientists and that God created the world 4000 years old. Josef also regularly attended the Christian camp Zarepta from age 7-14. At Zarepta, Josef was taught about the second coming of Christ and that he was to accept Jesus Christ there and then, or he would burn in hell. He was also taught that he was a sinner and that only God save him from an empty life.

Looking back, Josef finds these teachings humoristically absurd, traumatic, and confusing for children. In Human, Josef wishes to express this absurdity in hope of making a change in dogmatic Christian communities. The message is simple: "Please stop feeding that shit to kids".

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