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Musical CV


Photo by Sina Heidie Fischer Anfinnsen


2022-2024: Master studies with Individual Concentration at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Morten Qvenild, Torben Snekkestad, and external mentors Gabriel Kahane and Teitur Lassen

2019-2022: Music studies with Individual Concentration at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Asbjørn Schaatun, Eyolf Dale, Morten Qvenild, and Jon Balke.

2019-2020: One year study at Musicians Health and Movement Institute
2015-2019: Bachelor in classical piano from the University of Stavanger with Prof. Erling Ragnar Eriksen 

2017-2019: Undergraduate in jazz piano from the University of Stavanger with Svein Olav Herstad from the University of Stavanger

2017-2019: Music Pedagogical Education from the University of Stavanger

2012-2015: Studentaskúlin í Hoydølum og HF-Skeið. (Precollege with music as main subject)

2012-2015: Musikalsk Grund Kursus, with Jóhannes Andreasen. (A talent program for young musicians)

2011-2012: Klejtrup Musikefterskole. (Music school in Denmark)


2023: Swedish tour with theatre group, Tvaerr.

2023: Composition by Anna Dobrucka and me performed by Azione_Improvvisa at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre concert hall.

2022: Christmas tour with Bjørn Kåre Odde, Karl Aarø, and Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen.

2022: Composed music for the theatre play "Karantenehotellet"

2022: Finished my second Bachelor's Degree at the Norwegian Academy of Music

2022: Spent two weeks on an isolated island (Fugloy) working on new music

2021: Christmas tour with Karl Holte, Bjørn Kåre Odde and Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen.

2021: Released my second album, Summer.

2020: Tour with contemporary music ensemble, Aldubáran

2020: Tour with bassist Bárður R. Poulsen

2020: Tour with Norwegian band, LULI

2020: International tour with Norwegian band, MDRN

2020: Swedish tour with singer Elin Therese Vilhelmsson Birkelund

2019: Joined NMH big band

2019: Scandinavian tour - playing my own works.

2019: Gratuated from the University of Stavanger.

2019: Finalist at the music competition Stella Polaris.

2019: Tour - jazz quartet playing my works.

2018: Soloist with Bjergsted Symphony Orchestra

2018: Recorded and released the 24 Preludes

2018: Musikforlaget A/S released the sheet music of my 24 Preludes

2018: Tour with Moulin Noir

2018: Solo tour - playing my 24 preludes

2018: Composed a full set of 24 preludes

2017: Solo tour - playing my own compositions and compositions by Alison Isadora, Beethoven, Liszt, and Kapustin.
2017: Finalist at the music competition, Stella Polaris.

2016: Solo tour - playing works by Haydn, Liszt, Shostakovich, and Eli Tausen á Lava.

2016: Performed for Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

2016: Recital at Stavanger Concert House.

2016: I was on a tour with my jazz quartet, Andarúm.

2013: Soloist with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra.

2012-2015: Working with the Faroese Symphony Orchestra.

2009-2017: Pianist at the church 'Lívdin'.


2020-Currently: Piano Teacher at Ås Kulturskole

2015-2019: Piano Teacher at Muno Sandnes

2015-2017: Substitute teacher at Stavanger Kulturskole

2015-2016: Substitute teacher at Sandnes Musikkskole

2012-2015: Teaching Private Lessons

Academic Experience:

2019: I wrote my Bachelor thesis about helping young students engage in deliberate practice to enhance learning efficacy.

Download: Deliberate Practice
2016: I wrote a 24 page text called, Symmetry In Music – With base in “Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta” by Béla Bartók”.
Download: Symmetri í tónleiki

2014: I wrote a 18 page text called, The Harmonic Series – How the Harmonic Series is Used by the Music Industry Today.
Download: Yvirtóna Rekkjan


2019: Masterclass with Prof. Carlo Morena

2019: Masterclass with Prof. Håkon Austbø

2018: Masterclass with Prof. Katya Apekisheva

2018: Masterclass with Prof. Viktor Valkov

2017: Masterclass with Prof. Petra Somlai (Fortepiano)

2017: Masterclass with Prof. Knut Johannessen (Harpsichord)

2017: Masterclass with Prof. Wolfgang Plagge
2017: Masterclass with Prof. Bart Van Oort

2016: Masterclass with Prof. Stefan Bojsten

2016: Masterclass with Prof. Jens Harald Bratlie

2016: Masterclass with Prof. Gerlinde Otto

2016: Masterclass with Prof. Yorck Kronenberg

2014: Masterclass with Prof. Anne Øland

2015: Masterclass with Prof. Elzbieta Wiedner-Zajac

2013: Masterclass with Prof. Elzbieta Wiedner-Zajac

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